Harmonize your world / 1 month, 57 euros

This turnkey program is made to help you if you want to discover what you really want and organize your life according to your needs, so that you harmonize the different aspects of your life.

Each week, you will receive exercises that you can do at your own pace. Of course, the goal is not that you work alone in the dark, so you will have access to a Facebook group where you will get the support of a community, and can chat with women who face the same issues than you.

Once a week, I will do a live Q & A session in this secret Facebook group dedicated to this program. During this live you can ask me your questions, share your doubts or celebrate your victories!

For who?

– you feel like you lost track of what you want/need for your life,

– you are stressed, tired, frustrated, not motivated anymore

– you want to find balance and fulfillment in the different areas of your life

– you want to feel aligned and positive

What results?

> Tune with your self
> Design your perfect life and the first steps to get it
> adopta positive mindset and attract abundance

This program includes:

> 1 personality test
> exercices to help you find out what you want and who you are
> exercices to help you organize your weeks accordingly to your needs (having time for yourself!)
> exercices to adopt a positive mindset
> life access to a private FB group
> weekly live with me

BONUS > a yoga video for your morning/evening routine 🙂 

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